The Authors


These are the members of the team that defined the Agile 2 Values and Principles. They are ordered by first name, which to us is more convenient and logical than last name, and we believe that logic and practicality are more important than convention.

Adrian Lander

Adrian has since 1995 had Leadership and Senior Advisory roles for more than 30 well-known (Fortune 500 and FTSE 100) international client organizations, across most industries and governments. These include more than 20 Agile (and DevOps) transformations, plus other business transformations, often involving innovation and the latest technology.

Adrian began as a self-taught software developer at a very young age, and before studying and researching Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing at several universities, he was already doing software sales and project management services for clients.

He worked for a decade as a top-level management consultant for a global consultancy, where he specialized in rescuing large, traditional programs, some beyond 100M USD, by changing delivery to an Agile approach. In 2007, he moved to Asia, to pioneer Agile in various countries, including division- and organization-wide transformations in locales including Singapore and Hong Kong, where as the Lead Coach, he won business awards with his teams. The past decade he has been increasingly involved in turning “bad Agile” into better Agile that has had significant measurable business benefits.

In addition to 25+ years of Agile experience, he has extensive experience in applying his expertise in the domains of Professional Coaching of Executives, Leadership and (other) Teams, Organizational Change Management, Product Management, and Program Management.

Over the years he has obtained more than 20 professional certifications, diplomas and degrees across domains relevant to Agile. For Adrian, however, only outcomes matter, and he believes more in the value of his skills and experience gained through deep, broad, and challenging practice. He is a Founder of Agnostic Agile, a movement supported by 2500+ Agile practitioners,  focusing on openness, inclusion and ethics in the practice of Agile. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Cliff Berg

Cliff Berg is a consultant and founder of Agile Griffin, which specializes in merging Agile and DevOps. Cliff began his career doing systems analysis for electronic systems design and then building compilers, was on the team that created the VHDL language, and wrote the first “synthesis” compiler for that language. In 1995 he co-founded and served as CTO of Digital Focus, a startup that grew to 200 people by 2000 and adopted Agile (eXtreme Programming) full force in that year. Digital Focus was sold in 2006 and since then Cliff has helped more than ten organizations adopt Agile and DevOps methods, working with leadership and teams to implement change. Cliff has experience with Agile and DevOps in a wide range of contexts, from large multi-product digital platforms to embedded systems.

Not content with the Agile community’s failure to grasp what it takes to change an organization, in 2014 Cliff assembled a team of org change experts and Agile experts and launched

Cliff was the author of several groundbreaking books, including Sun Microsystems’ first book about “enterprise” Java, and High-Assurance Design, which describes ways for Agile teams to build high assurance business systems for banking and healthcare. Today Cliff teaches the O’Reilly Online course More Effective DevOps Testing. He also is the main contributor to several open source projects, and is the creator of a dataflow language called Flow.

Cliff works with senior leadership to understand goals and help to define transformation strategies. He also supervises coaches to provide a second pair of eyes and make sure that work is aligned and effective. Cliff designs and teaches the DevOps training that Agile Griffin coaches receive. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Huet Landry

Huet has 40 years of experience in various aspects of software engineering, all connected by a common thread: advocacy for change. In the US Air Force during the 1980s he was part of a group that rewrote the DOD standard for Software Engineering to include Lean thinking and rapid iterations, as well as rewriting contracting documents to reduce delivery cycles from years to months. Huet also led the rewrite of DOD and USAF software engineering courses to incorporate these approaches.

During the 1980s Huet also led the DOD’s participation in the CORBA standard which enabled the creation of the Intelligence community’s version of the world wide web, linking several hundred databases into a single community.

As a change agent by nature, Huet has always been most interested in figuring out better ways of doing things and sharing that with others. In early 2003 a developer sent him the URL of the recently created Agile Manifesto, with the comment: “This sounds a lot like what you’ve been teaching us.” Huet then started the first three official Scrum teams in U.S.Customs. Huet continues to be an advocate for learning, change, and improving product development practices. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Kurt Cagle

Kurt Cagle is the Community Editor of Data Science Central (Tech Target) and the Editor in Chief of the Cagle Report. He is the author of twenty-two books on internet technology, data modeling and knowledge representation, and served as an invited expert to the W3C for more than ten years. As a consultant, Kurt’s clients have included Fortune 50 companies, and US and European government agencies. When not trying to keep a handle on what’s happening in the data world, he writes novels. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Lakshmi Chirravuri

Lakshmi is an Agile PeopleOps Framework™ (APF™) Accredited Trainer with a keen interest in Agile HR practices & Workplace Culture, and a strong intent to help members of organizations reach their full potential. She is passionate about helping people embark on a learning journey and creating a platform for shared learning.

She conducts Agile HR cohort sessions and APF™ Training programs (Certified PeopleOps Coach, Certified Talent Scrum Master, Certified Talent Champion, Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master) at a global level. She serves as a Working Committee Member for Agile PeopleOps. Lakshmi extends voluntary research support to Business Agility Institute (BAI); in 2019 she co-authored ‘Hiring for Culture’ whitepaper with her BAI peers.

Lakshmi is Accredited in conducting Organizational Culture and Effectiveness Assessments. One of her Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®) / Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI®) Assessment Project was with a Corrections Facility center at St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

With more than a decade of experience in global recruitment and HR operations, Lakshmi serves as an Advisor for the Agile Talent Acquisition function. She is the pioneer of the Agile-HR Community ( at Bengaluru, India. Educational Qualifications: Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology | MBA (HR) | Bachelor’s of Engineering (Industrial Engineering & Management). She can be found on LinkedIn.

Lisa Cooney

Lisa Cooney currently serves as the Agile Coach at Axios. She is the editor of Evolvagility: Growing an Agile Leadership Culture from the Inside Out, by Michael Hamman (2019). Her eclectic background includes a master’s degree in education, years of being a stay-at-home mom, and substitute teaching in K-12 schools while raising children, creating art, and writing. A lifelong learner, Lisa went from Basic and Pascal college classes to creating computer-based-training at Kodak to creating her own website in HTML to virtual online learning design. She spent years designing, writing, and managing (with Agile!) the program and project management curriculum (which included systems thinking) at the Department of Homeland Security. In 2014, she designed and wrote two virtual instructor-led courses called Agile for the Federal Government and Agile for the Product Owner for the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Lisa helps organize the DC Women in Agile (WIA) meetup, is on the program committee for the Business Agility Institute’s conferences in NYC, and speaks at conferences about cognitive bias and developmental feedback. She is certified as an Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), as a ScrumMaster (CSM), and as both an Agile team facilitator (ICP-ATF) and an Agile Coach (ICP-ACC). She is working on her certification for coaching DevOps. Lisa earned her master’s degree in Instructional Design from the University of Virginia and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College. She can be found on LinkedIn.

MC Moore

MC is an IT software delivery leader leveraging his skills and experience in business and IT to deliver enterprise transformation solutions. With a track record of success working with scrum teams spread around the world, MC’s project and program experience spans a variety of industries including financial services, pharma, retail, and hospitality. In addition to masters and bachelor’s degrees, he holds the ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, RTE, SASM, PMI-ACP, CDAP, and KMP certifications, most notably. A regular participant in Atlanta’s Agile community, MC is also a past facilitator and current contributor to AgileOctane. Professionally, MC serves as a Scrum Master in the Atlanta office of AgileThought. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Murray Robinson

Murray Robinson works with organizations to design digital initiatives and organizations capable of realizing them. He has 30 years experience in IT starting as a software developer, 20 in digital, 20 in product and project management, 16 with Agile and 4 in UX. He has delivered large Digital programmes of over $20 million with distributed teams of up to 100 people for large corporations. He is an experienced agile coach, trainer and practitioner with experience leading a successful agile transformation that turned around a struggling Digital Agency. As an adaptive leader, he is known for getting things done and bringing enthusiasm, insight and humour to every engagement.

Murray has an MBA from Melbourne Business School, has certifications of Professional Scrum Master from Scrum.Org, Leading SAFE 4.5 from Scaled Agile and Business Agility, Agile Fundamentals and Agile Product Owner certifications from ICAgile.  He is an ICAgile Authorized Instructor who teaches Agile, Product Ownership, Coaching and Design Thinking. He speaks about agile and design thinking at industry events and writes about agile on LinkedIn and his blog He can be found on LinkedIn.

Navneet Nair

Navneet has been designing software user experiences for over two decades. During this time he has helped build products for large consumer products like Google and a number of Enterprise Products like Digité and Zomentum. At Digité, Navneet has helped build enterprise level Project Management and Kanban tools. While at Google, Navneet worked on Orkut and Google Finance.

Navneet was the founding member of a design studio called Design Ventures which helped some of India’s leading startups with product design and strategy using structured design thinking. Navneet uses structured Design Thinking methods, Design Sprints and Service Design to solve design problems.

Currently Navneet heads design at PhonePe which is one of India’s leading payment platforms where he is helping take digital payments to the next billion users.

Navneet actively thinks about design as a process and how it fits into the rapidly evolving business environment. You can read more about his thoughts on design at: He is also an active speaker and has talked at TEDx IIT Roorkee and a number of conferences including YourStory Future of Work and DesignUp. Navneet has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University and a Master’s Degree in Design from the University of Sydney. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Parul Choudhary

Parul has been an Agile coach, trainer and practitioner for over 20 years. She has delivered various agile related programs in large and small organizations for participants from software, information technology, telecom and healthcare.

During her journey as a trainer, she has helped many organizations and people in their own journey to learn new skills and Agile approaches. She has witnessed many difficulties faced by her customers in their use of Agile methods, and seeks to bring about positive change through her part in the Agile 2 initiative.

Parul has an MBA from Symbiosis Institute, India, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and certifications including PMP, PMI-ACP, and Design thinking from MIT Sloan. This combined technology, design, and business background helps her to approach her work with a cross-domain holistic viewpoint.

She is an active member of the New Delhi PMI Chapter and speaks at various events about Agile and project management. She can be found on LinkedIn.

Philippa Fewell

Philippa has had a long-tenured, progressive consulting career leading to her current position as Managing Director of Agile Services for CC Pace.  Philippa has over thirty-five years of experience managing and delivering complex financial, healthcare and technology projects for both Fortune 500 companies and startups. She is an accomplished executive and hands-on manager, with demonstrated expertise in driving and supporting executive mandates to facilitate and enable business agility. Philippa has an exceptional track record of managing stakeholders at all organizational levels, with emphasis on establishing cultures of trust, and building high-performance teams.

Philippa has practiced Agile Methods with development teams for the last fifteen years, has worked extensively with leadership on what it really means to be Agile, is a certified Agile Coach and regularly speaks on the topic of Agile benefits and practices. Philippa is highly recognized for her in-depth knowledge and practical experience in Agile, bringing hands-on, real-world techniques to the teams and the executives she works with.  Philippa earned a BS in Computer Science with a concentration in Business from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She can be found on LinkedIn.

Priya Mayilsamy

Priya is a dynamic and highly motivated software design and delivery lead engineer with 11 years of experience in the financial services and retail industries across the USA, Europe and India. She has expertise in architecting technical solutions and leading solution delivery. Her focus has been high volume and highly available systems with microservices, legacy to cloud migrations, and agile and DevOps transformation. She has extensive experience with DevOps and DevSecOps methods in complex multi-team, multi-product, and multi-cloud environments. Priya holds Bachelor of Technology degree from Government college of technology, Coimbatore, India. She can be found on LinkedIn.

Raj Nagappan

Raj is the founder and CEO of Catum – a software startup in the product management area. Prior to founding Catum, Raj worked as a lead engineer and manager for Nuix, which made innovative evidence discovery software for the legal industry and police. He helped it grow from a small startup to over 500 employees with customers in over 70 countries. Before that, he was a senior engineer in diverse organizations from startups, to software vendors, to investment and retail banks.

Raj holds a PhD in Computer Science from The Australian National University and a First Class Honours in Science (majoring in Computer Science) from The University of Sydney. He is Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner, both from

Throughout his over 20 years of experience Raj has sought to achieve collaboration between product, design, engineering – and sales and marketing – in order to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and thus to craft a better “whole of product” experience. Being an engineer himself, and working directly with other engineers, designers, product managers and business stakeholders, Raj has grown frustrated with the frequent shortcomings of conventional Agile implementations and failure of the industry to address these concerns. From 2018 he started writing about these problems and suggesting possible ways to overcome them. This naturally led to his involvement in Agile 2. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Vigneshwaran Kennady

Vignesh is an experienced enterprise architect of public cloud platforms and cloud ecosystems, and is a technical manager for cloud teams. He has experience building applications with complex architectural patterns, microservices, event streams, “big data” and high throughput systems. He works within and across Agile teams to design, implement, and support technical solutions in a collaborative and inquisitive manner.

Vignesh’s primary interest is managing and mentoring teams of young talent on innovation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. He encourages inclusion, out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, self-organization, and diversity.

Vignesh holds Bachelor of Technology degree from Government college of technology, Coimbatore, India. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Vincent Harris

Vincent Harris is a recruiting, staffing, and business operations consultant, specializing in integrating agile principles in nontechnical environments. A HR-Talent leader with a diverse professional background spanning military, education, and healthcare verticals, his practice draws heavily from his military-HR experience, applying the principles of pre-deployment manpower planning to civilian recruiting and staffing processes.

Vincent is a Certified Agile PeopleOps Coach (APF CPC)™ and a John Maxwell Certified Coach & Trainer who enjoys guiding and motivating teams to set and exceed goals through goal planning and strategic execution. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts, Vincent holds the Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner and SAFe 5 Program Consultant certifications. He is an avid reader of business literature who is passionate about small group facilitation and public speaking. He can be found on LinkedIn.