Other Work That We Like

We view Agile 2 as just a set of ideas to consider.

There are other sets of ideas worth considering too – lots of them.

Some of the one that we like – that is, that some of us feel are open and inclusive, and that are aligned with our core values and our own principles – are listed below. We do not vouch for these, but some of us have been impressed with these and want to share. Also, by saying that we like a particular artifact created by another initiative, we are not blanket endorsing all elements of that initiative.

Lean Thinking – The seminal ideas about production.

The Business Agility Manifesto – Game-changing ideas that view business as being in a state of continuous change.

Agile PeopleOps – Treats human resources as a strategic partner with other business functions, rather than as a service.

Agile Product Manifesto – A product-focused view of agility.

Manifesto for Async Software Development – A view of agility, through the lens of remote and asynchronous work.

Bizops Manifesto – Insightful ideas about the synthesis of business and technology.

Agnostic Agile – Promotes the idea that ideas are just that – they are not rules – and one should approach all Agile ideas and frameworks with an open mind, and not view these as competing or a binary choice, but instead use Agile ideas and frameworks merely as input to one’s thought process. Adrian Lander, one of Agile 2’s authors, is a founder of Agnostic Agile.

Kanban Maturity Model – Provides a very thoughtful and thorough theory of Agile, organizational maturity, and change management.

ICAgile – Because of their “agnostic” approach to Agile, where all ideas are worth considering.

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) – Because of their mature approach to learning about Agile and DevOps.

The Agile 2 training provided by Agile 2 Academy.

The agility culture work being done by Agile 2 Academy.

The organizational culture tools of Human Synergistics.

We extend our appreciation to CCPace, for its support in this independent effort.